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A Huge List of Places to Get Free Photos for Your Blog

April 22, 2014 by Betsy Kent in Blogging

    Is this a familiar scenerio? You’ve invested hours penning the perfect blog post only to get shanghai’ed by the search for the perfect image. A great photo can enhance your web content by giving the reader a point of reference as to the subject of your post. So finding the right photo is [...]

7 Features That Your Business Blog Should Have

March 18, 2014 by Betsy Kent in Blogging

There are many reasons that you may be considering (or already have) a business blog on your website. Perhaps you simply want to drive traffic to your website or sales page. Or maybe you want to constantly keep your content fresh. You may want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field or [...]

How To Choose A Social Media Site

February 17, 2014 by Betsy Kent in Social Media

It’s a question that most business owners ask themselves. “How do I choose a Social Media site that will provide the best results for my investment of time, money and planning?” Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? LinkedIn? Each of these networking platforms has millions of users. But unless you have a multi-million dollar budget set aside [...]


What Is Search Engine Optimization?

January 22, 2014 by Betsy Kent in Google, SEO / SEM

If you own a website you have probably heard the phrase Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). According the dictionary, SEO is “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” Rare is a website owner [...]

3 Ways That Google Keeps You Using Google

January 5, 2014 by Betsy Kent in Google, Search Engines

Many people don’t really know what a search engine is, but they use one every day, often multiple times a day. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the most popular search engines in the U.S., but Google has the edge, by far. Over 67% of us choose Google and most of us don’t even think about [...]

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Rethinking Your Social Media Strategy

November 19, 2013 by Betsy Kent in Social Media

It’s not often that I come across an article about Social Media for business that I think is so valuable to the average business owner or marketing person that I want to share it everywhere. Belle Beth Cooper ‘s article the Fast Company ‘Work Smart” blog is one such article. The tips here, that are [...]

A Case For Looking At Google Plus Again

October 2, 2013 by Betsy Kent in Google, Social Media

In 2011 when Google launched it’s own Social Media/Micro-blogging site, Google Plus (or Google+) many of my colleagues proclaimed that they were going to shut down their blogs, turn their backs on other Social Media platforms, and put all their energy into it. That’s how excited they were about it. In 2013, the general consensus is [...]

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