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Twitter Crushes…Love in 140 Characters

I have a client whose Twitter account I manage. For this account, I need to pretend that I’m a man. That has led to two interesting issues: for one thing, I’ve discovered that guys tweet differently than women, and for another thing, it turns out that I make a very charming guy!

At the start, I attempted to convince my client (a national brand) that if I they wanted me to tweet for them, then the Twitter persona should be a woman, because I am a woman, and because the majority of the target market are female and would relate better to a woman.

But the company has a great mascot that’s male, (let’s call him “Mike”) and the company’s marketing department was very adamant about making Mike” the “tweeter.” So, I went on to develop “Mike’s” Twitter personality.

First problem: As I anticipated, I really have to think very carefully about how I phrase things on Twitter. Women and men tweet differently in general, but I didn’t realize how much until I started tweeting for this client. For example, instead of saying: “Thank you so, so much for the RT. Welcome to our warm and loving community” I will say “Thank you for the RT. Welcome to our gang!”

I could be way off in thinking that I need to “masculinize” my tweets to be effective as a guy tweeter, but it has been working like a charm. Women are engaging with the brand and don’t suspect that it’s a woman who is tweeting as “Mike”.

But that leads me to my second problem:

I have been so charming as “Mike” that some lady followers of the brand have developed crushes on me! At least four of them consistently DM me wanting to know if I have a personal Twitter account and how they can get in touch with me in private. One even said, “I’d like to have a piece of you!” (That’s sexual, right??).

So far, I’ve chosen just to ignore their advances, but I am a little worried about it.

Your thoughts?

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2 Responses to “Twitter Crushes…Love in 140 Characters”

Deborah Shapiro Says:

Betsy, this is so funny. I never really gave it much thought. You’re right though, men do speak differently. I once heard that women will often phase something as a question, like, “May I contact you?” As if we are asking for permission and being passive. Men on the other hand will phrase the same thing as a statement “I will contact you”. Being much more direct. It was suggested that women should speak more like men when it comes to business. Best of luck on bringing out your masculine side.

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