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Be Visible helps businesses love the Internet!

Be Visible Associates is an Internet and Social Media marketing firm founded in 2007. We are pros at providing businesses with the specific tools that they need to be easily discovered online by their target market and meet their financial goals. We serve as a behind-the-scenes Internet marketing department for Advertising agencies and PR firms, and work directly with a large client base of small to mid-sized companies around the country.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Marketing: We have logged thousands upon thousands of hours of hands-on experience developing and managing Social Media campaigns for our clients. Our expertise doesn’t end with just Facebook and Twitter: we are deeply entrenched in LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and more. Our team’s #1 priority is to be conversant with every tool that could help any of our clients be more visible, discoverable, and engaging online.
  • Content Development: We work with companies to refine their branding and value statements across all their web properties. In addition, we develop Search Engine optimized website copy and blog content using industry best practices.
  • Website Development: We act as the liaison between the client and the website designer/developer to insure that the company message is told in the most compelling way, that the user experience is seamless, and that the website is built using today’s best practices.
  • Internet Marketing: Be Visible is highly experienced with Search Engine Marketing (Pay-Per-Click) and Search Engine Optimization. Some of our clients have been using our Pay-Per-Click programs since the company began.
  • Mobile Websites: We can convert any website to a mobile version quickly, easily, and inexpensively; solving a growing problem that many businesses face as the use of mobile devices explodes.

Instead of offering pre-packaged solutions, we analyze the needs, goals and challenges of every business and then recommend only the solutions that make sense. We custom-design strategies for each individual client and supply the personal attention that they need to be successful. We don’t specialize in just one aspect of Digital marketing and don’t limit our clients to just one aspect either. We are on top of all the current trends and know which ones will work to help you reach your goals. Check out what Be Visible’s clients have to say here

Betsy Kent

Betsy Kent, founder and president

Betsy Kent has been at the forefront of Internet marketing since the middle of the ’90′s. As an early adopter, she has parlayed many years of print media experience into a successful technology business that boasts clients from mid-sized New York City companies to large national brands.

Betsy brings her unique combination of smarts and perfection to every project she tackles.

Education is an ongoing activity for Betsy. She attends seminars, clinics and conferences all year long to make sure that her clients are always receiving the most timely information about changes and opportunities on the web.

Betsy can be reached at [email protected]

Kevin Hageman, digital media strategist

Kevin’s expertise is in Social Media marketing, hyper-local / local search marketing, and branded content creation. He is the go-to person on the team for Social Media strategy. Whether it be blogging, creating and managing a Pinterest account, designing a Twitter hashtag to market a business promotion, or developing a branded voice for a business’ social networks, Kevin is a master at finding, connecting with, and engaging our clients’ customers.

Kevin can be reached at [email protected]

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