“I am presently taking Betsy’s Blog Course. It is brilliant!! This class far surpasses my expectations! Betsy has laid out this course in an organized and detailed fashion. She gets you to think about how others hear you. You get concrete strategies and resources to call upon in preparing your blogs. Betsy is encouraging and clearly is determined to help you master this skill in your own voice.
Betsy makes it fun, challenging and rewarding. I can see results in the focus and quality of my blogs from the comments and potential new clients that are attracted to my website. I cannot recommend Betsy and her brilliant class….enough!
Marilyn Sygrove, Sygrove Associates Design Group
“Betsy (has) the kind of insight that turns ideas into profit; she has certainly demonstrated that as a valued member of our SOBCon family. Plus, she has a refreshing honesty that cuts through the clutter and gets right to the core of the issue.”
Terry Starbucker St. Marie, Co-Founder and Owner, SOBEvents, LLC
“Betsy and her team are the caliber of partner that I have come to depend on. Not just masters of their ever-changing Social Media craft, but understand completely how it best integrates into the more comprehensive marketing mix. Their goal is the client’s goal and they work tirelessly (and very creatively) to get there. It’s rare to find someone so knowledgeable across the broad spectrum of social assets (from Paid Search to Pinterest and everything in between!) be so accessible and responsive. Betsy has been absolutely indispensable to my business teams and a joy to work with!”
Karen Goyette, President/Managing Director, GW Hoffman Mktg & Communications
“ We have been working with Be Visible on Search Engine marketing projects and SEO copywriting for many years. Betsy is highly client-centric and structures effective marketing campaigns designed to be highly successful that we are always happy to be a part of.”
Michael Coppola, CEO, Path Interactive
“Betsy brings lots of “marketing smarts” to the projects on behalf of her clients. She understands new media, web, and search (basically, the whole Web 2.0 ball of wax). A pleasure to work with!”
Ric Dragon, President, CEO, Dragon Search Marketing
“There is no one that knows more about leveraging digital marketing to grow your business than Betsy Kent and Be Visible Associates. Whether you are a one woman show, or leading a mature enterprise, Betsy has the strategic vision and practical know-how to help you leverage the multitude of social and interactive marketing tools to grab the attention of your audience.”
Debra Boulanger, GVP End User Programs Marketing, Gartner
“Fantastic job from start to finish and ongoing. Good listener, no preconceived agenda. Get’s results…..for me patient contacts from the web!!!!!!”
Donald R Tanenbaum, DDS, MPH
“Be Visible had the challenge to create a new website that focused on what I do best, enjoy most, appeal to and reach new clients for my business. The job was completed on time for my busy season. What I hear most from all of the new prospective clients that contact me is that my website and my work is gorgeous and by far the best they have found! Time and again, I quietly thank Betsy Kent and Be Visible Associates for a job very well done.”
Debra Kalas, Debra Kalas Photography

“When Betsy came to us, we were handling our paid search in-house and not seeing the return on investment that we were looking for. Betsy assembled a team of professionals to analyze what we had been doing and to set us up to see much better results. Now, not only do we own our categories on the Search Engines, but we are able to track all the activity that is coming in from paid search. Betsy is a consummate professional and really knows her stuff. I would recommend her services to any company who wants to be dominant on the Web.”
Michelle Langsam, Marketing Manager, Edison Properties/Manhattan Mini Storage
“We hired Betsy several months ago to give us guidance and her expertise for developing a social media campaign for our company. She has done an excellent job and we are very pleased with the results, and will continue to work with her in the future.”
Robert Ragozine, Donnelly Mechanical Corp.
“When I opened my new practice I knew that it would have to be visible, especially on mobile devices. Betsy’s team knew exactly what I needed and quickly designed and launched a mobile site that makes it fast and easy for my patients to find me on whatever devices they are using. I have now hired Be Visible to do more work for me and I highly recommend their services.”
Dr. Nancy M. Rosen, DDS
“I have been working with Betsy for over a year. In that time she has turned me into an expert in Search Engine Marketing. She and her team have taken me by the hand and taught me what I need to know to get the results I’m looking for online. We are able to work together to manage the budgets, create the ads, view the reports and make changes if the results are not what we need. I feel lucky to have Betsy working on my behalf and look forward to an ongoing relationship while keeping up with all the new technology trends.”
Elizabeth Beskin, CEO, Fifth Avenue Digital
“I’ve worked with Betsy for over 10 years in a variety of advertising capacities. I trust her implicitly. She truly cares about the success of our business. She stays on top of our account and is always suggesting ways to tweak our advertising to generate better response rates.”
Dana Thayer, Senor Vice President, Chelsea Piers
“I was a novice and dummy when it came to marketing on the internet. Betsy patiently led me step by step through the process and continues to do so. She assisted us in devising a strategy with strong, targeted copy writing and now we are experiencing a clear increase in sales with many opportunities coming our way. As the program progresses, Betsy continues to hold my hand with fine tuning and improvements. In today’s bumpy market, Betsy’s strategies have helped to level the road.”
Ilene Shaw, President, Pure Environment
“My business had no presence in the world of social media, and my website did not even come up with the category was Googled. Betsy changed all that. She explained clearly the necessity of this type of advertising, created a plan for me, and then implemented it. I saw the results almost instantly.”
Susan Moyer, Douglas Moyer Architect
“I had long dragged my feet in getting on board with the world of website design and marketing. Intellectually, I knew that I needed an internet presence but, I was intimidated by what seemed to be a daunting task. When I was introduced to Betsy, my trepidation quickly dissipated as I was drawn into the process. Betsy deftly evaluated my desires and proceeded to conceptualize and build a site that reflected my vision. A vision that she helped me to focus and bring to life. As a cosmetic dentist, I appreciate excellence and creativity-traits which Betsy not only possesses but executes with a level of dedication and pride that has made my experience in website design refreshingly effortless (because she did all the work).”

Dr. Michael Sinkin, DDS

“Betsy is meticulous, thoughtful and really gets the key elements of your business-hire her in a nanosecond-she can optimize your business in the most cost effective way possible and besides, she’s someone you will love!”
Joanna Cohlan, Fresh Eyes For Your Home
“Betsy is a wonderful resource. My firm has brought Betsy in to work with several of our clients and all were pleased with the SEM work she conducted for them. She was able to handle all their questions, service all of our combined needs and provided detailed reporting with solid explanation. She also went above and beyond the required assignments by providing additional intelligence on online marketing to help me service my accounts. We will continue to work with Betsy.”
Rich Harrow, President, Creative Marketing Plus Inc.
“Betsy combines her SEO/SEM expertise with strong writing and marketing skills to provide her clients with the best results for their website. I recommend her without reservation.”
Josette Dewey, President & Creative Director, Sheffield Media Group
“Her depth of knowledge is remarkable and she is a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Betsy.”
Paula Caravelli, Paula + Martha, LLC
“I hired Be Visible at the recommendation of a colleague and I am so glad I did. I was thoroughly mystified by Social Media but I knew that it was a key to growing my new business. Be Visible’s Instant Social Media Package appealed to me right away. Betsy and her team set up my Social Media pages and profiles perfectly, walked me through how to use them and gave me support and advice the entire time. I am so excited to report that my Facebook Page gets new fans every day and they are actually responding to the content that I post! I couldn’t be more thrilled.”
Marci Loomis, President, Change Your Health for Life
“Be Visible” was instrumental in my initial involvement with internet marketing. I am far from computer savvy and went kicking and screaming into the new age. Through “Be Visible”  my first website has been crafted and subsequently modified as technology is constantly changing. This process is accomplished in a way I can grasp with my “ old school” mind set . The people with whom I work are knowledgeable,  articulate, available and effective. Ultimately “ Be Visible” has an on going positive impact my business.”
Ann Lang, Lang Hand Therapy