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Are you frustrated because your website is practically invisible?
Are you struggling to attract your ideal clients?
Are you blogging but not seeing the results of your efforts?
Are you ready to go from confused and overwhelmed to
organized, clear and powerful?

You just need some training! Get Your Blog Done is a business blogging system that gives you the tools you need to be found by your ideal clients when they need you most.

Wouldn’t it feel great to be taken by the hand and taught how to blog, when to blog and what to blog about specifically for your business so you can fill your sales funnel with people who are out there looking for your help…but who can’t find you now?

I’ve perfected a system that makes you more visible, helps you be recognized as a leader in your field and most important teaches you how to create contet that deeply touches your ideal customers in an emotional way. That creates trust and trust is what turns prospects into loyal customers.

Sign up and you will learn how the secrets of how to turn your website into a client magnet in a way that’s fun and un-techie. It’s live and interactive. You get private coaching, all kinds of tips and tools, membership in my private Facebook group. You will be amazed how easy creating content for your website can be.

With Get Your Blog Done you’ll get the benefit of my nine years of online marketing expertise and it will unconfuse, demystify and clarify your online marketing once and for all.

Let me help you figure out what your ideal clients are searching for and how you can help them find you online.

Here’s what students are saying about this course:

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Live online classes, private one-on-one creative sessions, community support, mentorship, resource guides, templates and more. 

Get Your Blog Done is the most dynamic and instructional course on business blogging out there today. What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to…

Be clear, confident and organized
Feel great about your online marketing
See it working and reap the results in more sales

Then go ahead and click here, answer five quick questions about your business and get started:

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About Me
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I’m Betsy Kent, Internet Marketing Expert and president of Be Visible Associates. I was one of the first people to work with small businesses and teach them about Internet marketing. In fact, I began so long ago that I remember when Yahoo was the biggest search engine and Google was just a blip!

I know there are thousands of entrepreneurs out there still struggling with their websites, confused about blogging, and overwhelmed by Social Media. My mission is to help demystify, unconfuse and make Internet marketing possible for all of them. 

I’m not a teenager who grew up with the web. I’m just like you. The Internet is a truly remarkable phenomenon that has changed our lives. I want to teach you how it can change your business!


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Let’s find out if this course is right for you. It will take just a minute…

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