My Cat Is A Brilliant Marketer

[This post is from my Tuesday Tips series)

This is my cat, Cocoa. She’s not particularly talented as far as felines go, yet she has developed a very successful marketing strategy.


For real! My cat is a brilliant marketer.



Every time I go into the kitchen Cocoa follows me and proceeds to plant herself in a lovely pose and then follows my every move with her eyes. She uses the same tactic whenever I’m eating a meal at the table or having a snack at my desk. I can see her out of the corner of my eye gazing at me adoringly. Every now and then she’ll add to the performance a heartbreakingly plaintive little mew.


So, what does this have to do with marketing? Cocoa has learned that consistency works. By being in my space whenever I’m cooking or eating she reminds me that she’s hungry. And because of that, she gets a lot of snacks (don’t tell my vet.).


Cocoa has also set up her marketing plan to shift me emotionally. Sure, I know what she’s up to, but when I see those helpless eyes and hear that little mew, I’m spurred to do something…in this case feed her.


In business, the companies that win the most customers are consistently visible with a message that taps into their customers’ emotions. Whatever the platform, be it social media, blogging, email marketing, print ads, radio ads, networking, etc., the more you are in front of your prospects, the more adept you are at knowing how they feel, the better are your chances of getting those delicious morsels of business that you’re so hungry for.


Of course being totally adorable also helps.


So, take it from Cocoa:  Be Consistent. Be Compelling. Be Visible.


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