Social Media Marketing

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels with Social Media marketing?

Clients often ask us:

  • “Will it lead to sales?”
  • “How will Social Media help us meet our goals?”
  • “Do I need to hire a staff for this?”

Done well, Social Media can deliver a wide range of tangible (and measurable) business benefits:

  • Promote your brand, offerings and expertise
  • Improve customer loyalty, sentiment and brand engagement
  • Extend your marketing reach
  • Increase the quantity and quality of referrals
  • Service customers and get feedback in real time
  • Uncover emerging trends and react quickly to new opportunities
  • Spark your creativity and find exciting new resources

Done poorly, it can waste time and money, leaving you with little to show for your efforts. At the same time, Social Media can be a punishing place to cede ground to competitors. Fair warning: Social Media never sleeps, so if you’re going to do it, you’ll have to stay the course. It’s not a brochure, it’s a conversation. You wouldn’t walk away from a room full of prospects in the real world, why do so on Facebook?

Like any business investment, your Social Media strategy needs clear objectives and an actionable plan of attack. It needs meaningful metrics and milestones, and an emphasis on quality over quantity. And it needs a plan to maintain it post-launch. That’s what we do.

Be Visible’s Social Media Services:

Don’t know where to begin? No problem. We offer customized Instant Social Media Packages to get started quickly. Or, let us train your staff on the business of being social.

The Instant Social Media Package
Let us help you get set up, teach you how to use it, and provide you with a customized Social Media guide.

Social Media Management
We do it all for you, and with you – strategy, content, monitoring, management and measurement. So you can focus on your business.

Social Media Coaching and Training for Businesses
Need to get someone on your staff up to speed? Need a workshop for training? We love to teach.


“Not just masters of their ever-changing Social Media craft, but understand completely how it best integrates into the more comprehensive marketing mix. Their goal is the client’s goal and they work tirelessly (and very creatively) to get there. It’s rare to find someone so knowledgeable across the broad spectrum of social assets (from Paid Search to Pinterest and everything in between!) be so accessible and responsive. 
Karen Goyette, President/Managing Director, GW Hoffman Mktg. & Communications

“My business had no presence in the world of social media, and my website did not even come up with the category was Googled. Be Visible changed all that. Betsy explained clearly the necessity of this type of marketing, created a plan for me, and then implemented it. I saw the results almost instantly.” 
Susan Moyer, Douglas Moyer Architect

“Fantastic job from start to finish and ongoing. Good listener, no preconceived agenda. Get’s results…..for me patient contacts from the web!!!!!!”
Donald R Tanenbaum, DDS, MPH