Why Would Anyone Want To Read Your Blog?

You probably hear a lot about blogging these days.

The word blog is actually a shortened version of weblog that pretty much means a website (or webpage) on which someone records their opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. From the very beginning blogging has meant different things to different people depending on their goals. And, there is still a lot of confusion about it.

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So, when I start to talk about blogging with a business client, I often hear “Why would anyone want to read my blog?” And I can certainly understand why that question comes up. After all, this is someone who has focused on building a business and or mastering a craft or profession, and hasn’t thought much about writing about it.

So if you’re wondering why anyone would want to read your blog, I’ve come up with a simple way for you to think about blogging that may make a difference in how you perceive it:

Your blog is your company magazine. It’s where you keep your customers updated on what’s happening in your business, where you can offer tips and help, and it’s where you can show what an amazingly brilliant professional you are in your field. You are the publisher, the editor and the head writer! That’s pretty powerful.

So, why would anyone want to read your blog?

  • To find out more about you and your business
  • To get tips and help that your expertise can provide
  • To learn more about the field you are in
  • To find out what your opinions are

And who are these folks who would read your blog?

  • Your current clients – to keep up on what you are doing
  • Your current clients – to get helpful tips from you
  • Potential clients who have been referred to you and need to know more about you
  • People who you have met at a conference or meeting and want to keep in touch (who also could be potential clients)
  • People who stumbled upon your website and want to know who you are
  • People whose online connections have shared your blog on Social Media – they want to know why their “friend” thought it was a good read

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, your “blog-azine” can be an important element of your website and your business. And there is a community out there that is really interested in what you have to say.

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