Learn the difference between a blog and a newsletter

…and do you need both?
People ask me this question a lot. There are many differences between a blog and a newsletter, but it’s easy to understand why many people are confused about this. After all, you email both types of content to your list. But there are many distinctions between the two types of content. Let’s get this cleared up for you!

The Definition of a Blog

A blog is a part of your website. Every published blog is visible to the public anytime someone visits your site. This is where you as a professional share your knowledge, your expertise, and your opinions. Depending upon the type of blog and your schedule, posts can be daily, weekly or monthly.

The Definition of a Newsletter

A newsletter is a private communication between your business (or organization) and your newsletter subscribers. It is sent out by email and normally does not “live” on your website. Typical newsletters contain company news and updates, but they can also contain special offers, coupons, and promotions. Businesses send out newsletters monthly, quarterly or annually.

How Blogs and Newsletters Support Each Other

Blogs and newsletters can be a powerful combination for your business. When you include links to your website (even to specific blog posts if the content is relevant) your site gets the benefit of “interlinking” which is something that Google likes! And many blogs have an area where the reader is invited to subscribe to the company’s newsletter, which is an excellent way to establish a deeper connection. It’s a good idea to inform the reader what the newsletters will contain and how often they will receive them, so they’ll know what to expect.

So there you have it! The difference between a blog and a newsletter. And it is a good idea to have both.

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