Should You Publish An Entire Blog Post On Facebook?

girl w phone no face 1024x682 Should You Publish An Entire Blog Post On Facebook?


I’ve suspected for a long time that there is a growing number of Facebook users who simply don’t want to leave Facebook anymore, for any reason. Even something as labor un-intensive as clicking a link can be too much work for these folks! And the fact that so many people use mobile devices instead of computers these days, patience and attention spans have diminished even more.


With this in mind, I recently tested something new on one of the Facebook pages I manage for a client who is a blogging student of mine. I published an entire blog post on Facebook. Instead of some lead-in text and a link, I simply pasted the entire blog into the status update box.  At the end I added a link to the blog on the company’s website at the end of the post, but the entire text was available right there in the newsfeeds of all the people who received it.


Interestingly, engagement for the post in terms of Likes, Comments and Shares was much greater than normal for this particular page. And, despite the fact that the entire blog was right there on Facebook, the amount of people who clicked over to the website was pretty close to what we normally experience.


This strategy could be a way to increase engagement on your Facebook page and still get links to your website. I’m kind of excited about that!




So, I’ll be testing this tactic on other Facebook pages in the next few weeks. What do you think? Will you test it, too?

(Disclaimer: I originally got this idea from Mark Schaefer, the author of one of my favorite blogs:

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2 comments on “Should You Publish An Entire Blog Post On Facebook?

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for reading. Well, that’s a great question, and I don’t know how to answer it because posting long form content on Facebook is a new tactic that we are just now exploring. But, the quick answer is, people probably have less of an attention span on Facebook than on your blog, so you may want to edit your posts to be an quicker, easier read on Facebook. And also, be sure to add the link to the content on your website, too.


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