Use These Magic Words For Irresistible Blog Headlines



In my relentless quest to provide you with quick and easy blogging tips, I have put together a “cheat sheet” of some of the most powerful words that you can use in your blog headlines. These are magic words that will help to get your content read. Some of them even have been scientifially tested! To compile this list I studied a whole lot of articles published by a whole lot of the top business bloggers out there (see below).


This list just may reduce the time you need to spend coming up with ideas for your blog posts.


magic words 5 Use These Magic Words For Irresistible Blog Headlines


But which should come first, your content or your headline? My position is this: coming up with a headline first (as long as you know what topic you are going to write about) can help you greatly in the inspiration department. And, you can always change the headline before you publish. I do that all the time!


Got some magic words of your own? Put themin the comments and I’ll keep updating this list!

More really smart blog headline tips from the pros:

  • Make sure that your headline accurately describes your content.
  • Use lists whenever you can and some pros suggest using odd numbers.
  • Use your action verbs at the beginning of your headline.
  • Spend 50% of your time on your headline.
  • Think about how your headline will perform as the subject line in an email.
  • Consider how your headline will look in a Facebook post.
  • What’s the maximum character count. It varies by expert but the consensus is 65-75 characters.
  • Most people will see only the first and last words of your headline.


I’d like to say Thank You to the brilliant bloggers and researchers out there whose tips I used for this blog post. Read and enjoy:

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  1. LOVE this!!!! Thanks for sharing. Not only are the words helpful, but the examples are fantastic. Greatly appreciated!

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