How and Why to use Twitter

Lots of people ask me why they should be using Twitter.

The New York Times published a great blog about using Twitter for your small business.

And here is a terrific video called Twitter in Plain English. Twitter seems to be a great way to communicate…and I want my clients to do more of that. But, keeping Twitter, Facebook and all the social media going is very time consuming. That’s why I am going to be offering Social Media Marketing services to my clients starting right now. I am helping businesses create buzz by using these new social media tools. Whether for branding or just driving relevant traffic to a website, it’s an easy, fun and free way to market.

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One Response to “How and Why to use Twitter”

Claudia Darcy Says:

I have found Twitter to be one of the best tools to hit the internet in quite some time. Granted it took me a bit to fiqure out exactly how to best take advantage of all the features, but since that light bulb went off, it’s a standard for me with both SEO and SMO for our clients.

In fact, Twirl is my best tool at this point. It allows me to keep open and current on the multiple client Tweets and I never miss a hot commenting or link building opportunity anymore! We track Twitter, we track followers, it’s my favortite not so secret weapon!

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