Advertising on Search Engines & Social Media Platforms

Strategies for Advertising on Search Engines and Social Media Platforms

We are experts on advertising with multiple platforms including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Our reporting system delivers eye-opening data that helps your business make the right decision to achieve unsurpassed return on investment and long term growth.

Pay Per Click Advertising on Search Engines:

  • Phone Calls: See which customers called from your Paid Search program.
  • Monitoring: Listen to the calls and assign revenue to each call.
  • Impressions: Keep tabs on how many times your ad appears.
  • Visitors: See how many times your ad has been clicked.
  • Emails: Ascertain which customers emailed from your Paid Search program.
  • Page Views:  Keep tabs on which pages were viewed by Paid Search visitors

Effective ad copy, highly-targeted geographic scope, carefully chosen keyphrases, proper budget management, click fraud protection

Advertising on Social Media Platforms: Detailed reporting on every aspect of your advertising programs including:

  • Cost per impression, action and conversions
  • Analytics including responder demographics and interests
  • Analysis of response and responders to achieve goals
  • Analysis of Google Analytics and traffic reports
  • Long term strategies based upon your goals

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