Search Engine Optimization: (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can move your website to the top of the Search Engine results page. We employ today’s most advanced strategies to increase the number and quality of visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO, is a long-term strategy with its goal being to position links to your website at the top of the natural search results (the left, or main portion of a Search Engine results page). Search Engine Optimization doesn’t change the appearance of your website, but can have a tremendous impact on its visibility. We perform strategic analysis and planning, expert programming and strong link-building followed by careful monitoring and metrics to achieve this goal. And, we use only SEO technicians who meet our rigorous standards for ethics, experience and results. Our clients never have to worry about their site being “expelled” or “banned” from the Search Engines.

Studies have shown that 70% or more of Search Engine users will click in the “natural” results.

SEO Research

  • Our technicians gather your industry-specific and company-specific information in order to understand the needs and goals of your business.
  • We identify your competitors’ websites and positioning to see how you can outrank them using SEO.
  • We uncover which words and phrases people are actually using in their search for your products or services.
  • We review your website content for key phrase and keyword density.
  • We discover legitimate, industry-specific directories and sites that can generate click-through traffic to your site.

SEO Set-Up

  • Every page on your site is carefully search engine optimized for a competitive key phrase.
  • Additional pages of keyword dense SEO content may be added (with your approval) to increase the likelihood of your site being ranked for the key phrases we have uncovered.
  • We implement strategic title tag adjustments, internal link structure fine-tuning and other navigational improvements that are proven to improve rankings.
  • We use a variety of link-building strategies such as web directory submissions, social bookmark links, article broadcast directory linking, and more using SEO Best Practices.
  • We create a sitemap to submit all your web pages to the Search Engines and help the web crawlers do a more complete and efficient job of crawling the site.
  • Google Analytics is installed in your website for detailed reporting.
  • We add filters if needed for dynamic content.
  • A baseline SEO report is created to use to show engine position improvements as SEO is implemented.

SEO Managment

  • Our SEO technicians continually perform controlled experiments to gauge the effects of their efforts
  • Constant adjusting and re-evaluating with the ultimate goal of eventually bringing your site near the top of the natural results.
  • Ongoing review of your competitors’ rankings.
  • Edits to pages if necessary in response to changes in Search Engine ranking algorithms.
  • Continuous back-link building and searches for missed opportunities to link to valuable sites for your business.
  • Installation of Blogging software if requested and generation of news-worthy Blogs.
  • Using the initial report as a baseline, monthly SEO reporting on the movement of your site on the Search Engines.

For ethical and effective Search Engine Optimization, turn to Be Visible Associates. Call us today!

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