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Something New & Really Cool in Gmail!

As many of my friends and colleagues know, I really love Gmail. I use my Gmail address most of the time for lot of reasons:

1.     very little spam

2.     easy to find old emails

3.     simple, user friendly design

4.     it’s fast

And, as many of my friends and colleagues also know, I have a terrible habit of sending emails that are supposed to contain attachments….without the attachments! Now I try remember to attach, write and send, in that order, but I think my brain is just not wired that way.

Gmail to the rescue! Today I had to send an email with an attachment, and again, I forgot the attachment. Guess what? Gmail detected the phrase “attached please see…” and before my email was sent, they gave me a little reminder:

Isn’t that cool? OK, so Google is now reading my emails before I even send them, and to some peple, that’s a little too “Big Brother-ish.” But for me, it works.

No more apologizing for forgotten attachments! Gmail, you rock!

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Something New & Really Cool in Gmail!

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July 30th, 2009

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