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Zipcar Does Social Media Right - My Experience

The other day I tweeted this about the fact that I had waited too long to book a Zipcar for the Memorial Day weekend:

@BeVisible no cars left for mem day at Zipcar

Well, guess what? I got a call from Todd Lieberman, the fleet manager for Zipcar in NYC. He said that he understood that I wasn’t able to get a car for Memorial Day and he would like going try find one for me if I was still interested.

I was floored! I didn’t even remember sending that Tweet! Kudos for Zipcar!

This is a perfect example of how Social Media works so well for business.

1. Customer Care: Todd made me feel like the most important customer Zipcar has. And I don’t even use the service much these days!

2. Reputation: It showed that Zipcar really cares about their company’s reputation.

3. Authenticity: Now Todd personifies Zipcar in my mind. I have his phone number and email address if I need help later on.

4. Graciousness: When I couldn’t get a Zipcar. I reserved a car from a traditional rental company for the weekend. In spite of that, Todd still found a car for me, and gave me the option to take it or leave it. He even placed it in my reservations for me!

What does this do for Zipcar’s bottom line? What’s the ROI? Well, I am tweeting and writing about how great they are! I have 6,000 Twitter followers. You figure out what the ROI is on the one phone call from Todd.

So, Zipcar, keep up the great work and I’ll continue to be a brand ambassador for ya!

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4 Responses to “Zipcar Does Social Media Right - My Experience”

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DoctorLove Says:

Zip Car is the best. Hopefully i don’t have to call Todd. But it’s nice they have such great customer service. I will tell all my friends about with wonderful company.

Betsy Says:

Yes, Zipcar has been my friend since I decided to get rid of the car that was costing over $1K/mo. between lease pmts., insurance and parking (not to mention the all too frequent parking tickets).

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